COVID-19 Updates


Dear All

We would like to thank you all for supporting The Quarter Jack Surgery during these difficult times. You may wonder what we are doing behind the scenes and why we are thanking you…let us explain.

You will have noticed that how we practice has changed…just a bit!

With the Covid-19 pandemic the NHS is gearing up to manage an unknown number of Covid-19 cases. Whilst hospitals face the challenge of providing an unimaginable number of ventilators those of us in the community are taking on:

  • the care of those discharged early into the community
  • continuing with the safe and essential care for those with health problems
  • supporting 111 with preparations to protect and identify serious Covid-19 cases and ensure appropriate care.

At present we have shut down open access to routine care, some of you may wonder why this is necessary. It has been done so as to:

  • provide social distancing for ‘all’
  • protect the vulnerable and elderly (many of whom frequent the waiting room)
  • ensure our staff remain Covid-19 free, so that the health care system remains functioning.

We are managing the bulk of care remotely ie by telephone whilst seeing unwell individuals face-to-face in those of you deemed non-infectious.

A large proportion of our time is spent redesigning our services in preparation.

Boots has seen unprecedented demand on prescription due to concerns about supplies and pre-emptive prescribing. It is on a scale never seen before.

Combined with the need to social distance it has resulted in delays and queues.

We have worked closely with our Boots colleagues to keep them safe and the system functioning as best as possible.

All this brings me to our thanks. Despite the health and financial challenges you face as individuals and as families, we are grateful for your tolerance and for putting up with having been turned out of the surgery.

Thank you very much.

Let us also reassure you that in addition to the care we are offering now, the local health services are putting in place a service ready for supporting people affected by Covid-19 who remain in the community. For people affected by Covid-19 you are asked to self-manage mild symptoms and seek guidance online.

The 111 service remains your contact point ‘if’ you require clinical support.

Please self-help before contacting 111 so as not to overload the system.

We are going to be working closely with our fantastic district nurses, the 111 service and our local NHS hub, all of whom have a wide range of specialist skills at your service. Additional equipment and medicines are being put in place to support this team approach.

As the saying goes, ‘we are preparing for the worst but hoping for the best’.

We have great confidence in the team, all are committed and professional in their approach.

We hope the above informs and reassures you that we are here, in your service and preparing.

Once again, on behalf of all at The Quarter Jack Surgery – thank you for your tolerance and support.

From the GPs at The Quarter Jack Surgery

COVID-19 Updates