Non-NHS Services

GP’s are asked to carry out many tasks not covered by NHS services.  There is a fee for completing these tasks which include:

  • Consultation by first doctor providing treatment after a road traffic accident
  • Blood test (ie lead level or blood grouping)
  • Insurance claim forms
  • Character reference
  • Shotgun licence
  • Ofsted health declaration form
  • Overseas visitor consultation
  • Medical examination
  • Fit to travel certificate
  • Hepatitis B vaccination/blood test for employment
  • Holiday cancellation
  • Immunisation record
  • Insurance claim form/continuation certificate
  • Private sick note
  • Letter
  • Lighter Life form
  • Driving licence countersignature
  • Passport countersignature is not usually available
  • Pilots licence
  • Power of Attorney
  • Travel certificate
  • Specified travel vaccinations including Yellow Fever
    This list is not exhaustive.

Please note that VAT at the current rate will be levied on services primarily to enable a third party to take a decision.  Services intended primarily to protect, maintain and restore health will be exempt.

VAT Registration Number: 879085665

Please telephone your registered GP’s PA or call at reception for current prices.  On occasion, we will need to refer to your GP to ascertain the fee involved.

Private Clinics

  • Travel Clinic including Yellow Fever – 01202 881693
  • Physiotherapy – BPC Healthcare – 01202 576731