New Patients

Registering you or your family with The Quarter Jack Surgery is easy. Find out more…

New Patients

Registering you or your family with The Quarter Jack Surgery is easy. Find out more…

New Patients

Registering you or your family with The Quarter Jack Surgery is easy. Find out more…

Update 19 May 2021:

QJS guide to accessing your GP:

  1. We are open and need to know if your are unwell or concerned.
  2. We are mostly using a ‘phone-first system’, so please send an e-consult via our website or phone us, leave some details and we will arrange a GP or Nurse Practitioner to call you back. If your problem is urgent this will be on the same day.
  3. Our phone lines are VERY busy. But we are doing our very best to answer your calls. Demand is greatest on a Monday morning and in the earlier part of the week.
  4. A lot can be dealt with by our clinicians over the phone or with a photo. This is efficient, helps you and helps us.
  5. If a face to face appointment is required this WILL be offered and an appropriate time will be set aside for this.
  6. All of the above allow greater numbers of patients to be dealt with, improves access and results in a better service.
  7. Please bear in mind demand is huge, capacity is limited and some will be frustrated. We can receive over 600 calls a day so if you can’t get through it is because we are dealing with someone else.
  8. Please give the receptionist some details, it does help us prioritise.
  9. Even if we are at full capacity we will never turn away an urgent problem, please communicate this to our staff.
  10. If you struggle with access – for example you are elderly please let us know and we can work around this.
  11. Please, please be patient and polite with our staff, it is tough at present and we are working as hard as we can.



GPs CANNOT provide letters showing your vaccine status so please do NOT contact your GP surgery

From the 17th MAY the NHS App will show your vaccine status.

Download and register via the NHS app on May 17 – see guide:

You can also phone 119 if you need a letter for foreign travel

Thank you for your understanding





As lockdown restrictions ease, we want to update you on how we plan to continue working over the coming months.

We have made many changes during Covid to ensure we can continue to safely provide services to you – many of these will continue for the time being.

We will continue our telephone-first model of care, but want to reassure patients that if we feel you need to be seen we will arrange for you to come to the surgery for an appointment. Nurses and Health Care Assistants will continue with essential monitoring and treatment.


  • Do not attend the surgery unless you have been offered an appointment. Our admin team will not be able to book appointments or arrange prescriptions at the door for you
  • If you are asked to attend, please wear a mask, use the hand sanitiser provided and practice social distancing when required.

Please do not come to the surgery if you have symptoms of coronavirus or are self-isolating.

Use the 111 coronavirus service to see if you need medical help: >>



Phone lines:

We understand our patients are waiting longer to get through to us. Since last year, phone calls have increased by up to an exceptional 100%. We received 6,000 calls last March, but over 12,000 calls in October, and still 9,500 calls this March. We have recruited extra staff but PLEASE remember our team are answering calls as fast as they can and are doing the best with the appointment availability we have – we understand times are frustrating, but please do not take it out on our team, a kind word goes a long way. E-consult via our website is another way to contact us:


 QJS activities Feb-19 Feb-20 Feb-21
GP/nurse appts (face to face or telecon) 5432 6521 5465
Blood tests 719 791 776
Sick notes 56 64 72
Covid vaccinations given (by PCN) n/a n/a 6,982 to date
E-consults answered n/a 163 342
Care home / housebound vaccines given n/a n/a 230
Calls received Nov 19: 7,480 Oct 20: 12,714 Feb 21: 8,598


2nd Covid dose dates:

We continue to work with other surgeries via the Wimborne & Ferndown Primary Care Network (PCN) to deliver covid vaccinations at St Leonards Hospital. Due to storage requirements and logistical issues we cannot offer them at the surgery.

Please do not call the surgery or St Leonards Hospital to ask when you will receive a second vaccination appointment or if you can change the date. We are receiving many queries from patients asking about a date for their second covid jab, or for them to be rescheduled.

We expect vaccine supplies to enable us to give second doses about 11 weeks after the date of a first injection – in line with national guidance. The process of booking patients for 2nd doses depends on the delivery dates of vaccine supplies and is a significant logistical challenge due to the short notice that we get. Patients will be contacted by text, letter or phone call with details of second appointment booking times. Patients will be contacted when it is their turn and in line with vaccine supplies allocated to us.


Proof of vaccination:

Please note that we are not able to offer proof or a letter or certification of your COVID vaccination. The Government is reviewing if and when a certification protocol is established, and we will let our patients know when they have decided and how you will be able to get this.


Thank you.

Please follow us on Facebook for more updates regarding the covid vaccination.


Dear patients

We are currently working under extreme circumstances due to staff shortages and social distancing. Please be patient with us – use eConsult or Ask the Practice a Question from this website if you can, leaving telephone lines available for patients without internet access. It may take us longer than normal to answer the phones – we assure you we are working as hard as we can to maintain a normal service. Follow us on facebook for updates.

Thank you.

Operating a Personal List system of care since 1907

When contacting the Practice by phone please use the numbers below

Dr Tan, Dr Crowley patients

Please telephone Sue

01202 848261

Dr Redman, Dr McCarthy patients

Please telephone Leah

01202 848262

Dr Sankson, Dr Rennie, patients

Please telephone Lauren

01202 848263

Dr Skule, Dr Wales patients

Please telephone Dawn

01202 848264

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