How to Request a Repeat Prescription

You can request a prescription at the surgery in the following ways;

These services are not available for ‘acute’ medication (given to you for acute problems) or items which the clinician has given you to try. Examples of acute medication are antibiotics for a urine infection or cream for a rash.

Repeat items are given for a specific amount of time before you need a review, usually 6, 9 or 12 months. You will find the date that the review is due after each medication on your repeat slip Please be aware of your review date and book any necessary blood tests in plenty of time before your review appointment.

Thyroid problems are usually reviewed from a blood test result once a year.

Medication Reviews

Some medication reviews are undertaken by a Specialist Nurse and therefore there is no need to see a GP to update your medication, these include:

  • Cardiac
  • Asthma
  • Family Planning
  • Diabetes (shared between Dr Tan and Nurse Jane)

Prescriptions for dispensing patients will be dispensed by Boots on-site pharmacy.

Online System

We have introduced an online system for appointments and prescriptions. To register, you need to attend the surgery with photo ID and you will be given a unique username and password. Each patient will need their own login. If you have already registered for this system you can access it via the link below. Please attend the surgery to register for the new system.

Online App

The SystmOnline app can be downloaded for free now. It can be found by searching ‘SystmOnline’ within the app store on any iOS enabled device or play store on any android enabled device.


You may have received a leaflet in the post inviting you to get your repeat prescriptions from a company called Pharmacy2U.

• Pharmacy2U is not your local community pharmacy and has nothing to do with The Quarter Jack Surgery or any of the local pharmacies.

• Pharmacy2U is a distance selling (internet only) pharmacy based on an industrial estate.

• As a patient, you cannot have any face-to-face contact with Pharmacy2U. Distance selling pharmacies like this are only allowed to deal with patients by post, telephone or internet, not in person.

• Prescriptions from Pharmacy2U are delivered by Royal Mail, unlike your medications handed to you in your pharmacy by a member of their team, or personally delivered to you by their own driver.

We believe that an internet business like Pharmacy2U is no substitute for your local pharmacy.

Please support your local pharmacy to continue caring for you and your family by ignoring any correspondence from Pharmacy2U and obtaining your prescriptions at your local NHS community pharmacy.

Thank you for your support

Dispensing Patients

All patients have the right to choose which pharmacy dispenses their medication. Patients who live more than 1 mile or 1.6km from any pharmacy are entitled to be registered as Dispensing Patients.  Benefits of this service include:

  • Prompt transfer service of prescriptions from surgery to pharmacy (this will become electronic during 2016).
  • Prompt communications between pharmacy and practice regarding medication changes.
  • Extended opening hours or our on-site pharmacy to coincide with our late surgeries.
  • Automatic renewal of regular prescriptions via the pharmacy service – the pharmacy can submit your prescription again for renewal at the appropriate time.
  • Free delivery by the pharmacy to your home if requested.  The pharmacy will arrange this with you at a mutually convenient time.
  • Free pharmacy text message to advise when your prescription is ready.

Patients who do not qualify under the mileage rule may apply to NHS England under the serious difficulty rule. Patients with serious difficulty in using a pharmacy because of distance or inadequate means of communication may apply to remain on their doctor’s dispensing list but there are very strict conditions to be met in this regard. If you believe that the serious difficulty rule might apply to you please discuss your situation with a local pharmacy in the first instance as they may be able to help by, for example, collecting prescriptions from the surgery on your behalf and delivering the dispensed medicines to your home.

Application for Dispensing Status under the serious difficulty rule-NHS England