Opening Hours

The surgery is open at the following times:-

Monday – Friday 8.30am – 6.30pm

(On occasions we may be closed on a Friday from 12.45 – 2.00pm for staff training)

Telephone Numbers

  • Emergencies – 01202 848260
  • Dr Tan and Dr Crowley – 01202 848261
  • Dr Redman and Dr McCarthy – 01202 848262
  • Dr Sankson and Dr Rennie –  01202 848263
  • Dr Skule and Dr Wales  –  01202 848264

A member of staff is available for emergency calls only 8am – 8.30am

When We Are Closed

Out of Hours Calls and Emergencies

The NHS 111 Service offers an emergency out-of-hours medical service when we are closed.  The service is for urgent medical situations, if you or a member of your family, become ill and you are concerned, dial 111.

A trained member of staff will answer the phone and take some details from you.  They will pass your details to a doctor who will ring you back to ask you more about the problem and, with you, will decide the best option for you.

Call 999 in an emergency. Chest pains and / or shortness of breath constitute an emergency.