Personal Lists

The doctors at The Quarter Jack Surgery have for many years run personal lists, which they believe is the best way of delivering health care.   This enables you to deliver a relationship with one doctor and not to see a different face each time.   As the relationship develops, confidence grows and with it trust.  This is crucial when managing personal and family problems.

However, the doctors may refer to another partner for an opinion from time to time, and usually most problems can be sorted out in the surgery setting, without the need to send you to a busy hospital.

Data Protection

When you register with the Practice your registration details are passed to Dorset Family Health Services Agency who will update their records accordingly and arrange for the transfer of your medical records from your previous doctor.   In addition, other parts of the National Health Service may have access to your personal information from time to time, for example if you are receiving hospital treatment the hospital will require details of your relevant medical history.

The GPs are medical officers for a local private school with an IT link to the Practice.   Please be assured that any staff that has access to your medical records has a professional duty of confidentiality and a strict contractual duty of confidentiality.