Flu vaccinations – important information for patients aged 65 – 74



There is a problem with this years’ flu vaccination programme that only affects patients aged between 65 and 74.

The 2018/19 Flu Vaccination Campaign from NHS England has recommended prioritising the over 75 year old patients who are deemed ‘most at risk’ (from flu) to receive an adjuvant Trivalent vaccine known as ‘Fluad’ which covers three flu strains with an immune boosting additive. It is felt to offer the best response to the three most likely strains that may affect this age group. Meanwhile patients aged below 65 are recommended to have the Quadrivalent flu vaccination, covering four flu strains, deemed best for this age group.

The problem is that the NHS altered the recommendations for patients aged 65-74, late in the process, not giving enough time for practices and pharmacists to alter their orders. We were set to offer you the Quadrivalent vaccine as per guidance but we should now be offering you the adjuvant Trivalent flu vaccine (Fluad).  We, together with many others do not have sufficient supplies of Trivalent vaccine to accommodate this change and thus vaccinate you, nor can we order more supplies.

We are frustrated by the changes and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.

Consequently we recommend that you enquire with local pharmacies if they have the Trivalent flu vaccine (Fluad) available for you on the NHS.

We are duty bound to ensure you have been informed and given the opportunity to get the Trivalent vaccine. The NHS advice is that if an individual cannot obtain the Trivalent vaccine then they can be offered the original Quadrivalent vaccine.

If you cannot source the Trivalent vaccine then please contact us to book a date for the Quadrivalent vaccine.

If you wish to have the Quadrivalent vaccine we will need your consent confirming that you have read this letter and have been unable to secure a Trivalent vaccine elsewhere.

You can download the letter Age 65 -74 letter and bring to your appointment or there will be copies of the letter available in our flu clinics.


Yours sincerely,

The Quarter Jack Surgery