Covid Vaccine Update

For the latest update on the covid vaccine across Dorset, please see the Dorset CCG website news section here:

  • The Quarter Jack Surgery have not received the vaccines – however some vaccines are being delivered to St Leonards Hospital for specific QJS patients in the next few weeks.
  • We continue to contact specific named vulnerable over 80s to attend the St Leonards site for their vaccine during January
  • We will let you know the specific Covid vaccination plans for the rest of our patients as soon as we can. We do not have further dates yet.
  • Please do not telephone us to ask when or if you are going to get a Covid Vaccine.
  • We will contact you individually when you are invited to have a vaccine and will keep our website/facebook updated. We will keep trying to contact you until we manage to speak with you.
  • The vaccine will be given in order of priority to those at highest risk first.
  • Please act on your invitation when it comes, and make sure you attend both your appointments which are 21 days apart.
  • Please continue to abide by all the social distancing and hand hygiene guidance, which will still save lives.

Thank you for your patience.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas

From the QJS partners.