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Covid-19 Spring boosters

Spring boosters will be offered to all patients aged 75+ and anyone aged 12+ who is Clinically Extremely Vulnerable.

Our clinics at St. Leonards Hospital start in April and eligible patients will be sent an appointment in the post.

We do not hold lists at the surgery of exactly who will receive an appointment when but this will be about 6 months after your previous dose.

If you are in an eligible group and have not received an appointment by the end of April, please contact us to check why.

Click here for more information on the Spring Booster

View your Covid vaccinations

You can view your covid vaccinations on the NHS App – please make sure you are looking at the NHS App, not the NHS Covid-19 App!

Click here to see how to sign up to NHS App to see your covid vac data

Please note, the Covid Pass is not available when using Linked Profiles/Proxy Access – individuals must have their own NHS App login.  You can share a phone or device but will need a unique email address to sign up to the NHS App.

Click here to see more information about the NHS App

(If you use the App to check your surgery appointments, please be aware that telcons may look like a face2face appointments – if you have booked a telcon, please do not attend the surgery but wait for your call.)

View your covid vaccinations on the NHS COVID Pass, within the NHS App

  • Log in to the App
  • Click on ‘Get your NHS COVID Pass’ under Popular services
  • Click on ‘Travel’
  • Click on the green box ‘COVID-19 records found’ Show details
  • You will now see details of your covid vaccinations – scroll left and right to see both vaccines.


Alternatively you can use the NHS website to see your Covid pass here:

or you can request a paper copy by calling 119.

If you had your vaccination(s) abroad –  you can send us proof of vaccination (email to and we will add to your GP record (your name and date of birth have to match your GP record) but this will not currently show in the NHS App.  To add your covid vaccination to the NHS App, see below:

Report any covid vaccines given outside of England

To get your Covid-19 status for vaccines given in Scotland click here

To get your Covid-19 status for vaccines given in Wales click here

To get your Covid-19 status for vaccines given in Northern Ireland click here

If you had your vaccination(s) at our GP Hub at St. Leonards Hospital, more than 2 weeks ago, and it does not show in the App, please email your full name, date of birth and date of vaccination to  When it has been verified it will be added to the App and your GP record.

If you had your vaccination(s) at another vaccination centre in England, more than 2 weeks ago, and it does not show in the App  – we are unable to verify or add any vaccinations given at other UK hubs but we can pass your query to NHS Digital. Please email your full name, date of birth and date and place of vaccination, type ie AstraZeneca or Pfizer and if it was a 1st, 2nd or both to






Data sharing 2021

Your data will be shared with NHS Digital to help improve health, care and services. There is no cut off date for data collection opt out. Your health records contain a type of data called confidential patient information. This data can be used to help with research and planning. You can choose to stop your confidential patient information being used for research and planning. NHS Digital will never sell your data. There are strict rules about how NHS can use your data. It’s only shared securely and safely. Shared data helps the NHS. It has been used to find the first treatment for coronavirus and for vaccine research.

If you’re happy with your confidential patient information being used for research and planning YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING.

Any choice you make will not impact your individual care. Please click on the link to find out more and opt out if you wish to.




Type 1 OPT-OUT – to stop sharing your details with NHS digital (or to opt back in, if you have previous opt’d out):

If you wish to choose Option 1 (NHS digital opt out)please complete form below and return to the GP surgery either via post or email to

Type 2 OPT-OUT (Also known as National Data Opt-out) – If you do not want NHS Digital to share your identifiable patient data with anyone else for purposes beyond your own care, which has been already shared with them (or to opt back in, if you have previous opt’d out):

If you wish to choose Type 2 Opt out (also known as National Data Opt-out) you can only do this via the following (as a GP practice we cannot do this) Either: Call 0300 303 5678  or complete the online form via YOUR NHS MATTERS

Covid Vaccination Charity

Many of us are aware of how well the UK Covid Vaccination Campaign is progressing. The development of the vaccine is a testament to our UK science and pharmaceutical industry, the wealth of our nation and our Governments forward investment.

The story Globally does not reflect the same success but highlights the inequalities, the financial power of developed nations, poor public health services in developing countries and limited vaccine supplies.

It is also apparent that until we have vaccinated the whole world we cannot truly feel safe. Un-vaccinated populations are exposed to the effects of Covid-19, the economic hardship and the risk of new variants.

The risk of Covid-19 and the benefits of the Covid-19 vaccination are truly global.

Multiple vaccines have been developed globally and thus we are hopeful vaccine supplies will become more readily available.

The Astra Zeneca vaccine developed in Oxford was always intended to be an affordable vaccine – estimated at $2-3/dose allowing for an affordable Global Vaccine Effort.

If you feel you would like to share your vaccine success with others less fortunate please visit the following site allowing you to make a donation to the WHO Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

The Quarter Jack Surgery and the St Leonards Vaccination Site Supports the WHO Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Thank you for your support.