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Covid vaccination medical exemptions

If you’re unable to get vaccinated for medical reasons

In line with removing the domestic NHS COVID Pass for use in venues or events as a condition of entry, the medical exemptions service is no longer accepting new applications.

If you have already submitted a medical exemption application that requires assessment, GPs and secondary care clinicians will continue processing medical exemption application forms until 11 July 2022. The clinical decision on your medical exemption is final. You cannot appeal the decision. However, if you are unsatisfied with the process of gaining an exemption, you can raise it with your local commissioning body or call the 119 service to report your feedback.

Your medical exemption will still be included in the ‘View COVID-19 Records’ section with an expiry date (if applicable).

Pregnancy is no longer grounds for a medical exemption. Exemptions already granted based on pregnancy will remain valid until the expiry date.

A medical exemption is not valid for international travel. There are no arrangements in place with other countries to accept people from the UK who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and treat them the same as a fully vaccinated traveller.

Your medical exemption will not appear in the travel NHS COVID Pass. It is up to other countries to decide whether or not residents in England with a medical exemption can follow the same rules for travel as those who are fully vaccinated.

The NHS COVID Pass for international travel will continue to be available as normal.

Lifestyle Questionnaires

We are sending texts to enable us to update your records – we may ask for your email address or lifestyle options such as your smoking status, height & weight or ethnicity. You will need to input your date of birth (in the format 10/10/1960) to reply so that we can verify it’s from you. QJS will never send texts asking for payment – we are aware of scam texts being sent regarding ordering test kits for covid contact but these are not from us.  Thank you.


We are changing the way we book appointments for routine diabetic checks as some patients have better diabetic control than others.  Firstly, we may ask you to fill in a pre-review questionnaire. This is easiest to do on a computer so we will need your email address to send you a link.

You may find you are contacted earlier than your normal review date  as we feel your diabetic control requires early attention, or your normal review appointment may be delayed until later as we feel your most recent diabetic control has been good. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you without medication if we delay your review date, you will be able to request this as usual.  

Before you complete the questionnaire we will ask you to collect 7 days of home blood pressure readings if you have your own blood pressure monitor. Monitors can be purchased from many pharmacies.  The answers you give us will be saved in your medical record and form part of your review.  You will be given an appointment for a blood test with a foot check as again, the results of these are needed for your review. Your review cannot go ahead until you have had your blood test and foot check. If you do not have a home blood pressure monitor, your reading will be taken when you have your blood test and foot check. 

When the results are received, they will be reviewed by a member of the diabetes team. Some patients will need adjustments made to their medication and/or help with lifestyle choices. These patients will be given appointments to see the diabetic nurse (and may need to return to see a cardiac nurse, if applicable). Some patients will be stable enough to continue their current medications without needing to come to the surgery – their medication will be updated until their next review date. 

If your appointment has been delayed and you feel unwell, please contact us or 111 as you normally would. 

We hope our new system will mean that the patients who need most help with their diabetes are seen most quickly.  

If we don’t have your email address you can give it to us here:

Text Messaging and Email Consent

Thank you