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Covid Vaccination Charity

Many of us are aware of how well the UK Covid Vaccination Campaign is progressing. The development of the vaccine is a testament to our UK science and pharmaceutical industry, the wealth of our nation and our Governments forward investment.

The story Globally does not reflect the same success but highlights the inequalities, the financial power of developed nations, poor public health services in developing countries and limited vaccine supplies.

It is also apparent that until we have vaccinated the whole world we cannot truly feel safe. Un-vaccinated populations are exposed to the effects of Covid-19, the economic hardship and the risk of new variants.

The risk of Covid-19 and the benefits of the Covid-19 vaccination are truly global.

Multiple vaccines have been developed globally and thus we are hopeful vaccine supplies will become more readily available.

The Astra Zeneca vaccine developed in Oxford was always intended to be an affordable vaccine – estimated at $2-3/dose allowing for an affordable Global Vaccine Effort.

If you feel you would like to share your vaccine success with others less fortunate please visit the following site allowing you to make a donation to the WHO Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

The Quarter Jack Surgery and the St Leonards Vaccination Site Supports the WHO Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Thank you for your support.